The VIP Room

Vegas Christmas Parties Ego and Zinc 14.12.02 and 20.12.02

A brace of festive frolics at Ego and the Zinc Bar & Grill with Christmas cocktails and a tantalising selection of "Christmas in the Carribean" style tunes from Frankie and co. culminating in the wonderful "Santa Does The Mambo" which provoked dancefloor mayhem as only a judiciously chosen Latin Christmas record can

elegance personified

Elvis in Hawaii?

Frankie and Lola

men of the cloth


best dressed dame at Ego

Superfly guy and foxy gals

Lola and Lulu

glamorous gals at Ego

Frankie and Venus

Zinc fun and frolics

more Ego style

shady deal going down

Carlo and amigo

stick 'em up

stylishly attired

Hey, you lookin' at me punk?

Carlo, Frankie and Kylos

Carlo and Kylos

Fly Air Vegas


Mrs Seagull and Venus


Zinc capers


Santa Seagull


Santa and his glamorous lady


Santa's little helper


cool kittens






Kylos at play


more Zinc fun


Bugsy and his rather lovely companion


Jason relaxing at Zinc


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