The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Saturday 29.03.03

The Renfrew Ferry swung most righteously once again with Frankie, Dino, Bugsy, Rick, Venus and all the Vegas gang joined by Kylos the Jackal, Carlo Gambino, Willie the Cat, Sven Svendunnerson and our very special transatlantic visitor Leslie from Atomic magazine. For any of you hipsters and hepcats who haven't heard of this particular periodical it's the hippest retro culture mag in the whole sweet swingin' sphere. We got a fantastic selection of photos from yet another top quality night in Glasgow.


Rick Hudson

suave sophisticats

dancing tight



elegance personified

black and white style

our limbo champion

Sven going down

limbo: how low can you go?

Lashes and Leslie

dressed up for the occasion

Lashes and Frankie

Rick and the Beijing swing delegation

Bugsy and Leslie

Willie the Cat and friend

Willie and the gals

Sven & Caroline

glamorous gal

live and direct from the dressing room

Dino and Paula

Rick and glamorous prizewinner

Kylos and Sven at the bar

dodgy dealings

Sven's got it all down on tape

Senor Svendunnerson

it's a done deal

the spinning wheel

relaxing at Vegas

Rick and friend

more Vegas swingers

glamorous gals

eclectic but stylish combo

gangster gals

in the shade

shady characters

Caroline and Venus

Sweet Caroline

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