The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Saturday 24.05.03

Vegas headed back to the West coast for another sensational soiree on the Clyde. I'm pleased to report it was another fabulously swingin' affair. Viva GlasVegas!


Swingin' JB and friends


wise guy and companions

a bottle of bubbly, a boa, Bugsy and an inflatable bear: what more could any young lady desire?

dancefloor action

girls' night out

Patrick en route back to NYC

another intrepid Vegas traveller and his lovely companions

shiny happy people

hippy chic

you simply wouldn't believe the depraved behaviour taking place just over there

monacles are back in style at Vegas

the perfect gentleman

glamorous gal

sharp dressed man

Rick Hudson and amigo

the Vegas girls are looking good

The Jackal, Carlo and a fondue set

more swingin' sophisticats

on stage with the gals

the Tron Theatre gang

stylish swingers

Kylos distributes the Ferrero Rochers to an appreciative audience
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