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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Glasgow Barrowlands on Saturday 26.07.03
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Vegas at the Barrowlands with the most sensational band in the whole swingin' green sphere, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. What an intoxicating combination! What a gig! The Big Bad Voodoo band were fantastic, as always. Thanks to Scotty, Dirk and the boys for coming over to play for us once again. The crowd were amazing: surely the most stylish swingers and fabulous dancers yet seen at Vegas? Kylos and Sven manned the on-stage cocktail bar with panache and their lethal concoctions ensured the Vegas staff reached hitherto unexplored heights of intoxication.

immaculately stylish swingers

Willie the Cat & the gals

Frankie & Venus

wise guys and dolls

Frankie & Carlo

Nikki, Bugsy & Natalia

Vegas glitterati

cool cats

Natalia, Rick & Nikki

a big hand for the juggler

Rick and the girls

cocktail capers

Sven and Kylos

Jack the Hat

Karl on tenor sax

Scotty on guitar

Scotty in full flow

Kurt on drums

the Big Bad Voodoo band

blow your horn

super suave Dirk Shumaker

Andy on bartitone sax

Cap'n Doug-O and shipmate

the big bad voodoo horns

Big Bad frontman Scotty in action

Dirk on bass

swingin' at the Barras

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