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Vegas at the spiegeltent on Friday 01.08.03
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Vegas kicked off the Edinburgh festival in fine style at the Spiegeltent in George Square. May I just say how much we love doing Vegas at this magnificent venue? There is something about this wonderful antique mirrored tent which complements the Vegas experience perfectly. What a venue, what a crowd, what an atmosphere. Next time the Spiegeltent comes to Edinburgh we're going to block book it for a month!

anyone for tennis?

the Seagulls

Marilyn and companion


sophisticated ladies

cigarette holders are de rigueur at Vegas

Bugsy and friends

Hunter S. Thomson in da house

boa on the loose

Ferrero Rocher anyone?

the masked man and his accomplices

the notorious "white bonnet gang"

swingin' on the dancefloor

well-dressed couple

sartorial splendour

Don Marco and Swingin' JB

put that in your pipe and smoke it

Jive Ace japes

relaxing at the Spiegeltent

shaken not stirred

mr. piano man

Jivin' with the Aces

blow that trombone, daddy-o

Pete on drums

glamorous gangster gals

Natalia on an undercover mission

Sven Svendunnerson

Kasper Svenkylossen

Svenos the Hyena

swingin' couple

high rollers

Mrs Seagull and daughter

Willie the Cat and Seagull jnr.

those crazy Scandanavian cats again

on stage action

camera shy Kasper

lady in red

facial hair frolics

glamorous gal

suave sophisticats

looking good

Kasper and Svenos

Senor Sumatra

the Chairman

Ahoy there shipmates

Frankie on the decks and the gals on stage

Svenos making friends and influencing showgirls

Nikki Nevada and Dino

stylish swingers

smooth operator

Natalia and companion

mafiosa enforcer and his molls

a couple of typical shy and retiring Vegas customers

second serve

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