The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh 29.11.03

What a swingin' soiree! One of the best Vegas nights this year in the capital city and a great way to finish off our residency at Ego in 2003.

wise guys

Mr. Zoot Suit

elegant and stylish

suave and sophisticated

cool chicks

fear and loathing fans

tripping the light fantastic

stylish sophisticats

Miss Nikki Nevada

loungin' at Vegas

glamorous gals

cool cowgirls relaxing at Vegas

relaxing in the Stardust Lounge

kitsch kittys

swinging on the dancefloor

Bugsy impressing the ladies with his Eric Morecambe impression

Fez's are back in style

having fun at Vegas

woman in black

in the shade

Venus and Miss Nevada

our limbo dance champion

cool chick

devilishly debonair

Paula and pal

Mr. Martini

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