The VIP Room

Vegas Christmas Party at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow 27.12.03

What a swingin' soiree! One of the best Vegas nights this year in the capital city and a great way to finish off our residency at Ego in 2003.

Nikki Nevada

Mr. Martini

dancefloor frolics

Bugsy spreading a little Christmas cheer

Rick and friend

Buddy Brubaker

Gaylord Hutch

Mr. Sumatra

Who gave that Mr Seagull fellow the digital camera?

casino capers

glamorous gals

stylish swinger

elegantly attired for the occasion

Bugsy and Fi-Fi

swinging on the dancefloor


wise guys

having fun at Vegas

Buddy and the gals

hip hepcats

our limbo champion

back in black

lookin' good

elegant lady

cool couple

stylish swinger

The Fez is this year's must-have fashion accessory

relaxing at Vegas

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