The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on 24.01.04

What a swinging start to 2004 as hordes of hepcats and hipsters converged on Ego for a superb, stylish and spectacular night. The outfits had to be the best we've seen at Vegas for a very long time and the atmosphere was superb. What a fantastic start to the New Year.

guys and dolls

fabulous femme fatale

Big G and companion

glamorous gal



hitmen for the Mob

wise guy

Vegas glitterati

Bugsy & Dino

Frankie & Nikki

Senor Sumatra

Nikki, Natalia and Sofia

Kylos & Nikki

Natalia & Kylos

Swingin' JB, Don Marco & G


Mr. Sumatra meeting and greeting

Kylos & Sofia

Doug-O, Frankie & Carlo G

Willie The Hat and the ladies

the Vegas gals


Vegas glitz

stylish senorita

Willie The Cat

devilishly debonair

relaxing in the Stardust Lounge

best buddies


Stardust socialising

smart dressed man

podium princess

high rollin' hepcat

Willie & Yasmin

Carlo & The Jackal

an officer & a gentleman

Big G

swingin' couple

The Don & JB

Yasmin & amigo

Yasmin & companion part 3

don't mess with this guy

dancing the night away

G & Doug-O

on stage with the girls

taking a break

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