The VIP Room

Vegas at The Forum in Aberdeen on Saturday the 21st February 2004

Vegas returned to Aberdeen after a three month absence and what a night it was! The joint was jumpin' and by midnight we were full to capacity. This was Vegas' first ever sold out show in the Granite City and it was well worth waiting for. The crowd were enthusiastic, very well dressed and there were some real fancy movers on the dancefloor. We're looking forward to returning on May 22nd.

Dino Martini and the hirsute Sam Jose

showgirl debutantes

Miss Nikki Nevada

New York, New York

dancefloor action

Sam Jose making friends and embracing people

cool couple

glamorous gals

hip chicks and cool cat

our best dressed competition winner

Vegas goes North

Sticker and entourage

suave senor and stylish senorita

hitmen for the mob

somebody told me it was a 70's club

sophisticated swingers

black tie affair

tuxedos and cocktail dresses

wise guy and his doll

relaxing at Vegas

mafiosa mobster

classy lassies

hipsters, hepcats and cool chicks

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