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Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow, on Saturday the 29th of May 2004

It was a glorious bank holiday weekend night in Glasgow, and there was a certain something in the air. The gang-plank came down at 9:30 and, as the crowd gradually arrived, the atmosphere really started cookin'. Amazingly, there were more first-timers ('Vegas virgins') on-board than we'd seen in many a month, and they all seemed to get in the swing pretty quickly. A BIG 'thank-you' to every one of our West Coast fraternity who made so much of an effort with their outfits, especially to the 'Elvis' who actually made his very own outfit! Out of the 4 (yes, that's right folks, FOUR!) that were there, he was easily the best! He only failed to win the best-dressed competition caper because of the combined effort of the, er, "ladies of the night". We can't confirm what happened to him after the competition was over, but he sure looks happy enough in the picture (below)... All-in-all, this was another 'Ferry spectacular night for Vegas in Glasgow!

The 'best (almost) dressed' winners, with The King

Cool, stylish swingers on the 'ferry

Two gorgeous, glitzy & glamorous gal

Sophisticated 'first-timer' with leopard print-kilted 'Reverend' regular!

The very happy Limbo dancing competition winner with Dino Martini

Peter, the ever-friendly steward, with a patron and his puppy!

T-shirt man spotted with Ms Cruella De Ville

One of the 4 Elvis Presleys on board!

A case of 'puppy love' for the Casino, or has he 'gone to the dogs'?

The legendary Ron Jeremy appears with 2 co-stars!

A grinnin' Frankie Sumatra on the decks

Another swingin' stylish couple

Portrait of Vegas Showgirls Judy Blue-Eyes and Eva Las Vegas

How to 'do Vegas' - with style and a smile!

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