The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday the 5th June 2004

It must be said that June's Vegas at Ego was characterised by perhaps the most fabulously dressed crowd seen anywhere since the last Ocean Terminal extravaganza. Top marks to everyone for making such an effort and particular kudos to Miss St. Tropez for her fabulous Carmen Miranda outfit which swept all before it in the "Best Dressed" competition.

High roller

Honolulu Harry

classy lassie

big spender

the Scooby Doo gang

elegance personified

Gordon of Khartoum and companion

gangster style

Miss St. Tropez

Doug-O on day release

Prisoner No 99231986

cool cat

snappy dresser

the man who won a million at the Stardust Casino

looking good

stylish and sophisticated

Mr. zoot suit

more Vegas mafiosa

Rhinestone cowboy

nice suit!

hustler's convention

on stage with Jeni de Janeiro and Nikki Nevada

wise guy and his gal

the Vegas showgirls in action

glamorous gals and lounge lizard

showgirl-style shenanigans

showgirl-style shenanigans pt.2

having fun at Vegas

the fabulous Miss St. Tropez

Lieutenant Willie the Cat and comrades

the fabulous Miss Nevada enjoying a cold refreshment

Dino Martini and Professor Plastic

suave gent

portrait of a showgirl

the mysterious Mr. Sumatra

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