The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday the 3rd July 2004

What a swell night it was at Ego! Vegas regulars and newbies alike assembled for another loungetastic extravaganza. It was good to have Vegas shipmates Kylos the Jackal and Sven Svendunnersson back aboard. Rumours of nepotism abounded as Miss St. Tropez won The Best Dressed Competition for the second month running but the truth is she's proving exceptionally hard to beat in the sartorial stakes. Time for the rest of you swingers and sophisticates to up the ante and give her a decent run for her money next month! Lola Las Vegas celebrated her birthday with her first social outing to the club in 2004 and she was accompanied by Lashes Seagull who was also celebrating the onset of another year. Missy Sumatra was still too young to attend but seemed to quite happy to get rid of dad and mum for the evening.

Smilin' Sam Jose

stylish swingers

loungin' at Vegas

elegant lady

another delegation arrive at the Vegas summit of swing

stylish fellow

Doug-O and his lady

snappy dresser

Jarvis Cocker hits Vegas?

Miss St. Tropez and friend

ladies in blue

Tamsin and Bugsy

Tamsin and friend

Swingin' couple

The Jackal and the Gster

Don Marco impressing the ladies

a hepcat and his gal

mafiosa mobsters

Brett, Shosh & Willie the Cat

Brett & Shosh from Oz

kitsch kitten & cool cat

sharp dressed man

Don Marco and Swingin JB


The Bank of Elvis has the best cashiers

Sven looking suave

Play your cards right and lounge plumber Dino Martini will inspect your U-bend

Lisa Luciano & Venus Las Vegas

Surly Sam & Moody Martini

Frankie and Lola

Lashes, Lola and Jayne on a night out

G and Swingin JB

a well-dressed hen night ~ wonders will never cease!

Miss St. Tropez is no stranger to champagne

Kylos and Sven

Grooving with Master G

Miss St. Tropez and the Gster

The Rut Pack are back!

Missy Sumatra enjoying a night without mum and dad for a change

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