The VIP Room

Vegas Christmas Party at Ego on Saturday the 18th December 2004

The Vegas Christmas Party at Ego was a wondrous affair. It was the week before Christmas and all the sharpest dressed cats and kittens in town came out to play including a camera-shy Saint Nick who wished to preserve his anonymity for "personal reasons". The rumour that Nick is not quite the Saint he makes out to be but is in fact a fugitive from the F.B.I. cannot be discounted as he "borrowed" a large amount of money from Mr. Martini on the pretext of "needing to get back to Greenland sharpish in a fast black as a good friend has borrowed my sleigh for a few days and Mrs Claus thinks I've just popped out to buy some fags." Santa's promise to leave the cash in Dino's stocking on Christmas morning falied to materialise and it now seems likely that his sworn affidavit of "a very special Xmas present from Lavinia the lap-dancing Laplander for your trouble" isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

the gang are all here

Miss Nikki Nevada

Doug-O & admirers


glamorous gals

Miss St. Tropez & friends

Doug-O & Bugsy

Don Marco & companion

Santa's little helpers: lucky Santa!

Tamsin Tennesse

elegant & entrancing

high roller and his lady

this is Vegas not Skool Disco old chap!

the masked man and accomplice

gentleman of leisure

the Devil & his disciples

the ladies love a smart dressed man

and the winner is....the devil himself


Club Tropez-cana

watching the best dressed competition

sultry siren

JB & the lady in black

every time a bell rings a devil gets his wings
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