The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday 15th January 2005

It was January in vegas and all the coolest cats and kittens came out to play. Hipsters, hepcats, hustlers, hip-shakin' hombres, cool compadres, hot chicks, bodacious cowboys, sexy senoritas and solid gone groovers, converged on the most happenin' club in this, or any other, town for an unforgettable night of hi-jinks, hanky panky, hoop-la and hilarity. All this and Lola Las Vegas returned to Vegas after an extended leave of absence! A night to remember if ever there was one!

the kitty with the feather in her hat

swellegance personified

lovely ladies

fabulous footwear

Vegas is a profitable ministry

tropical gangster

Mr Detroit Swing

swingin' the night away

stylish ladies in the Stardust Lounge

lookin' good

swingin' senoritas

the cat in the white beret

cool cats

Mr. Martini

Joanna & James

a life on the ocean wave

Miss St. Tropez and amigo

best buddies

lounging in the House of Love

Lola's back in town!

I already told you, Lola...I'm never playing "Abracadabra" again!

You can take the gal outta Nevada but you'll never take Nevada outta the gal

well-deserved champagne for our best dressed couple

come on Frankie light my fire

sultry siren

Sam Jose and the ILA's French Ambassador

ladies love to lounge too!

The gospel according to Vegas

Dino doin' his thang

Nikki & Sven

Master G groovin' wit' da gals

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