The VIP Room

Vegas at The Spiegeltent, Edinburgh on Friday the 2nd September 2005

Vegas always enjoys it's appearances at the Fabulous Spiegeltent and this last-minute addition to our Festival schedule was no exception. It was a small, intimate affair for aficionados and a great time was had aby all concerned.

Nikki Nevada, Lady Lush and Gina Giancana

relaxing at the Spiegeltent

relaxing at the Spiegeltent pt.2

A Flock of Seagulls ~ where are they now?

straw-hat shenanigans

shady operator

Dino and the gals

Spiegeltent staff

relaxing at the Spiegeltent pt.3

swingin' the night away

Nikki Nevada and Lady Lush

Nikki and friend

mean-lookin' mafia man

straw hats are back in style

cool couple

on stage action

Wille the Cat

in the army

Wild Card Kitty

cool kitties

Spiegeltent staff pt.2

stylish swinger

hustlers' convention

best-dressed couple

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