The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday 19th November

Vegas was swingin' once more at Ego and a fabulous time was had by all. The joint was jam-packed with happenin' hipsters, groovin' gangsters, gorgeous gals, sophisticated swingers, cool cats and classy kittens.

swingin' showgals

our limbo dancing champion

Nikki Nevada and the gang

the creature from another world

on stage action

Dino in his leopard-print lair

shady characters

gangster and his doll


mustachioed man and companion

Lady Lush and Dino

cool cowgal

quick on the draw

the lady in red

Dino judging the Best Dressed competition

Best Dressed Winners

champagne capers

classy compadres

relaxing in the Stardust Lounge

Sam Jose

classy lassie

Dino and amigo

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