The VIP Room

Vegas at "The Burns & 'A That" Festival, in Ayr, on Friday 26th of May 2006

The VEGAS! mob only get to hit Ayr once a year, so it's always gonna be a special night for all concerned. Needless to say a memorable time was had by all, and we're lookin' forward to being back next year!

Two happy gals, ready for the night ahead!

Happy, stylish dancer!

Limbo winner with Nikki Nevada

Superb Showgirl pose!

Georgeous in green!

A couple of gleaming, glowing and grinning gals!

Dino - movin' to the music!

Sam looks suddenly surprised!

Sam and the showgirls on stage

Sensational stage set!

The legendary Vegas 'Ayr-head' gang are in town!

The'Ayr-head' gang pose for posterity!

Sam & the Showgirls on stage

Is that Rabbie on the dancefloor?

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