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Vegas on the Tiber, Rome on Saturday the 24th June 2006

Vegas on the Tiber was a truly memorable weekend. The Eternal City was sweltering in 42 degree heat, but the spectacular sight of the Vegas Showgirls parading across Ponte Sisto raised the temperature of Italian branch of the International Lounge Alliance to boiling point! The Swing Pistols swung most righteously and marvellous hosts Marino, Anastasia and Miss St. Tropez ensured this would be an unforgettable stay in one of the most beautiful cities on the swingin' green sphere we call Planet Earth. Great to see so many movers and groovers of all ages swinging the night away on the banks of the Tiber to the mellifluous sounds of Vegas!

Colosseum capers

The Vegas Gang are in town!

The Italian Job

Ponte Sisto

pre-Vegas pose on Ponte Sisto

Glamourous Gals

Stunning Showgirls

Marvellous Marino

Frankie & the Gals

Swingin' JB, Laura, Kat & Don Marco

Vegas on Tour!

Marino and the gang

Marino and the gals

Mr and Mrs Missouri

Smilin' Sam Jose and Kat

Vegas appeals to all ages!

Swing Pistol

Nikki Nevada and Miss St. Tropez

Swingin' JB

On stage action

Dancing the Roman night away

arrivederci Roma!

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