The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh on Saturday the 26th August 2006

Vegas at the Ocean Terminal was a great night as ever. The Counsellors, Amber Topaz and This is Elvis were all fabulous. Sadly, due to camera malfunction, we have very little photographic evidence to commemorate the occasion. We managed to salvage a few, but, sadly, lost all the photos of the glamourous cats and kittens who converged on the Terminal for the evening. Don't worry, we'll get a proper photographer in for the next one!

Miss Kittie Klaw

balloon-poppin' Amber Topaz

Amber unveiled

This is Elvis

The King

The King holds court in front of his appreciative fans

The Counsellors

Frankie and Bugsy

Amber, Misty and Tamsin

Nikki and Jack the Hat

Elvis in action

sideburns are back in style

Amber gambler

the Vegas gals on stage

rockin' with Elvis

the spinning wheel of fortune

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