The VIP Room

VEGAS! on-board Cruz, Leith, on Friday the 8th of August 2007

VEGAS! took-over the entire ship for the night, and all the hippest, sharpest dressed cats & kittens in town were there. A truly fabulous time was had by all, and the ship was, rockin', swayin', movin' and groovin' all night long!

Always a good sign...

Excellent cruising outfits, ladies!

VEGAS! legends - Swingin' JB and Don Marco.

Another happy couple

Ahoy there!

Amber Alabama - and two admirers!

An even better sign!

Great style, and a great smile!

Amber Alabam & Misty Missouri

Misty Missouri on the dancefloor

Miss Nikki Nevada - Showgirl Queen of Bling!

Eye, Eye - Pirates have boarded!

Four ultra-glamorous gals on the top deck.

Another couple of glamorous gals.

Three more happy smiling faces on-board the good ship VEGAS!

Fantastic smiles & fabulous outfits, ladies!

Beautiful ladies with simply stunning smiles.

Steam-powered Steely Dan...

Nikki Nevada & Wild Card Kitty

Great times at VEGAS!, without any pressure...

Fabulous smiles and styles!

Another two spectacularly stylish passengers!

This smiling pirate gal' is obviously having a good time!

It's cocktail time on the Cruz ship!

Another very stylish, smiling couple.

All the nice girls love a sailor...

Here's a loyal marine, on active duty on the dancefloor!

Armed and dangerous!

Feathers galore on board tonight!

Showgirl Virginia Gemstone

Captain Sassan

The amazing 'slot-machine' lady!

Wheel meet again, some sunny day...

Iain & Darren enjoying the fresh air on the top deck...

Two Vegas mobsters with an ace guy whos a real card...

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