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The VEGAS! 13th Birthday Party at Ocean Terminal, on Saturday the 30th of October 2010

VEGAS! came to Ocean Terminal for the memorable celebration of the club's thirteenth birthday. The night opened with Sam Jose (who selected some rarely-heard cover versions) and swiftly continued with Bugsy Seagull's superb choice of tunes that quickly got the crowd in the mood to paaarty! Erik Hansen's High Life Orchestra played a couple of brilliant live sets, with vocals from the delectable Debbie Davis and Moray 'Old Blue Eyes' Innes. Music-maestro Frankie Sumatra kept the fabulously stylish crowd swingin' and swayin' all night long, and the party-goers were also entertained by two spectacular dance routines performed by The Kitsch Kats. Legendary lothario Dino Martini was on-hand to introduce the 'most stylishly dressed' competition, while the ultra-glamorous VEGAS! Showgirls handed-out complimentary 'Elvis' dollars for patrons to gamble and win prizes at the blackjack and roulette tables in The Stardust Casino with The Fabulous Scott Brothers.

Most of these pics were taken by Dino Martini - the funny old snapper with the shiny napper...

The epitomy of 'cool' at VEGAS!
Displaying a (very) glamorous leg at VEGAS!
Dressed-up for a great night at VEGAS!

A quartet of glamorous gals at VEGAS!

See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil at VEGAS!
A trio of stylish and glamorous gals at VEGAS!
This trio of stylish ladies are ready to celebrate at VEGAS!
Showgirls Misty Missouri and Mia Miami
Swingin' JB and Don Marco - lookin' sharp, at VEGAS!
Here's a pair of exceptionally stylish gents enjoying the VEGAS! experience!
A very stylish couple having fun at VEGAS!
The lovely Lashes Las Vegas and Nikki Nevada at VEGAS!
Another stylish couple of gals having fun at VEGAS!

A super-stylish quartet of enjoying the VEGAS! birthday party

Another happy couple enjoying the night at VEGAS!
It's the new VEGAS! Showgirls, The Marx Sisters!
Ever-smilin' Bugsy Seagull & the lovely Lashes Las Vegas
The Fabulous Scott Brothers in The Stardust Casino at VEGAS!

Tickled pink at the 13th VEGAS! birthday party...
Stunning smiles & fabulous styles from this trio of gorgeous gals at VEGAS!
Here's another couple of happy people enjoying the VEGAS!

Yet another superbly stylish couple enjoying themselves at VEGAS!

Elegance personified, at VEGAS!

Great smiles and great styles at VEGAS!
The cool cat with the 'cheeky' grin at VEGAS!

Quite simply, four of best at VEGAS!

Non-stop action at The Stardust Casino in VEGAS!
Havin' a black & white fright-night at VEGAS!

Happy, smiling, security service at VEGAS!
Another very stylish ensemble at VEGAS!

Here's another very stylish couple at VEGAS!
Sensational smiles and stunning styles at VEGAS!
In the mood, and lookin' good, at VEGAS!
Erik Hansen's High Life Orchestra VEGAS!

Sam Jose and Bugsy Seagull see eye-to-eye at VEGAS!

Hmmmm. what's Dino Martini up to here? [Prizes for the best captions!]

Was it something that Dino said?

Great smiles and super styles at VEGAS!

Here's another stylish couple at VEGAS!

Another trio of glamorous gals at VEGAS!

A couple of well-dressed gamblers enjoying VEGAS!

Showing great style, and a great smile, at VEGAS!

Another stunning and stylish lady at VEGAS!

Lookin' good at VEGAS!

A pair of dynamic divas at VEGAS!

Moray ' Old Blues Eyes' Innes

Having a ball at the VEGAS! birthday party!

The ultra-stylish Mr & Mrs Felonious Monk at VEGAS!

The ultimate in skin art at VEGAS!

Another couple of gorgeous gals at VEGAS!

Fabulous smiles and stunning styles at VEGAS!

This ultra-stylish trio pose for Dino at VEGAS!

And the band played on, at VEGAS!

The gorgeous Nikki Nevada at VEGAS!

Leopardskin is always in fashion, at VEGAS!

Two more stylish ladies having fun at VEGAS!

Legendary lounge-lizard Dino Martini at VEGAS!

Here's another well-dressed couple at VEGAS!

Here's an extremely happy & stylish couple at VEGAS!

Here's a couple of awesomely stylish gals at VEGAS!

Enjoying the VEGAS! birthday celebrations!

A 'most stylishly dressed' contender at VEGAS!

Laying tram-tracks at VEGAS!?- NO!

Cowboy style at VEGAS!

Dino Martini with the 'most stylish' winner at VEGAS!

Amber Alabama shakin' it on the VEGAS! dancefloor!
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