Dawn is breaking over Club Copacabana after another night of hedonism at the legendary den of decadent pleasures that is "Vegas". An eerie silence returns as the sights and sounds of another wild party fade into memories. In the weeks that follow humdrum reality will resume and Vegas will seem nothing more than a fanciful dream of a magical place. Yet if you listen closely to the wind you might just hear the faintest trace of a mysterious melody. It is rumoured that this melody has the power to transport the listener to exotic destinations and faraway lands!


Let’s take a trip from New York, New York to the Vegas Strip,
From Key Largo to Montego,
Baby why don’t we go down to Kokomo,
We’ll get there fast then we’ll take it slow,
From Coconut Grove to the Copacabana,
Miami Beach to Club Tropicana,
We’ll be passing through the Bermuda Triangle soon,
Then we’re going to fly to the Moon.


Week 1


Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when we’ll be back again


We’ll see the day dawning on a Texas Sunday morning,
On the way to Amarillo,
We’ll hear the sea waves crashing,
On the beach where we used to run,
Down in Galveston,
By the time we get to Phoenix it’ll be,


L.A. is a great big freeway, we’ll put a hundred down and buy a car,
In a week,maybe two,they might make us a star,
If not we’ll find our way to San Jose by,


Weather wise it’s such a groovy day,
Just say the word and we’ll beat those birds,
Down to Acapulco Bay,
They say everybody’s going loco down in Acapulco!


We’ll be flying down to Rio,
Where we’ll do the samba and la bamba,
Bossa nova baby,merengue and do the cha-cha,
At the Copa we’ll meet the girl from Ipanema,
How those samba rhythms excite her,
Open up your arms and invite her,
Take a chance and dance a dance at the Copacabana,


We’ll float on down to Peru,
In Lava Land there’s a one man band,
And he’ll toot his flute for you,
The Lima ladies, latin and lovely,
Will prove just how groovy all Peruvians are,
Down in this South American Shangri-La,


The Loveboat, exciting and new,
Come on board we’re expecting you,
Off the coast of the Florida Keys,
There’s a place called Kokomo,
That’s where we wanna go,
Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mamaa,
Martinique, that Montserrat mystique,
We’ll be falling in love to the rhythm of the steel drum band,
Down in Kokomo,

Week 2

Riding on the Marakesh Express,
Travelling through clear Moroccan skies,
We’ll take the train to Casablanca going south,
To a secret rendezvous and a midnight flight,
Sipping cocktails on a moonlit night,
We’ll take a trip on a rocket ship,
Travelling fast as light till we’re out of sight,
Away we’ll steal in our space mobile,
Destination Moon!
Then we’ll play among the stars,
See what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

Club Copacabana

Saturday afternoon at the Copa and the pack’s all here. No matter what way we cut the cards we’re left with the usual suspects : Frankie Sumatra ( The Leader of the Pack) , Dino Martini( Knave of Hearts : Ladies Love Cool "D"!), Sammy "Otis" Jnr.( The Joker), Bugsy Seagull ( Ace of Clubs) , Elvis ( The King) , and Bronco Billy of "Bronco Billy’s Buckaroo Bonanza" fame. The Vegas crew are keeping a low profile after the great Shooting Gallery caper . The most notorious speakeasy in town had just been shut down by the feds and the gang had packed up the illicit stills and the gaming tables and moved the whole shebang across town sharpish. Club Copacabana was hastily recreated in all it’s gaudy glory at the plush Casino Royale once the casino’s management had been persuaded firmly but fairly of the joint’s suitability as HQ for the Vegas mob’s future operations. Just then the door flies open. Frankie and the boys get ready to make a sharp exit in case the feds have got wise to their new base. The boys don’t need to attract any more heat as they’re already hotter than Georgia ashphalt on a midsummer’s day. A cool looking black dude blows in like a sirocco with a foxy lady on each arm.
"Hey hep cat - you ain’t with the feds are you? " enquires Sammy.
"Hell no!"
"Who the hell are you then?" demands Frankie.
" Shaft. John Shaft. I’m the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks."
" Well what you waiting for dude? Pull up a chair, crack open a beer and join the gang."

Saturday evening at the Copa. Showtime. Dino’s on the decks serving up an intoxicating cocktail of swinging showtunes, libidinous latin rhythms, delirious disco, easy listening and good ol’ country. He’s got hip-shakin’ tracks from the Rat Pack, vintage vocals from the coolest cats, cult movie themes, an eclectic mix of exotic sounds beyond your wildest dreams.Frankie, Sammy, Johnny Shaft, Bronco Billy and Dino’s new latino buddy Senor Love Daddy are loungin’ . Chatting up the dames and charging drinks to Bugsy’s bungalow like bandits. The gang are cooler than permafrost but the real stars of the show are the crowd : Find the Vegas In-crowd hanging out in THE VIP ROOM

Stardust Lounge Casino

This is where the real action is, courtesy of the King. The Bank of Elvis has flooded the club with Elvis dollars and Lola Las Vegas and the Vegas showgirls are working the floor making sure everybody’s got a fresh roll of bills. It’s a real hustlers convention in the Stardust Lounge with roulette, blackjack and craps games going on everywhere. We got a couple of card schools in the corner for keen scholars who want to further their education Vegas style. The glittering Wheel of Fortune is spinning. Luck be a lady tonight! The girls are luring the unwary into participating in the notorious Vegas competitions : Limbo - How low can you go? , Play Your Cards Right, Vegas Blind Date, Crooner of the Year, Pass the Parcel and the legendary Strip Musical Chairs. The Stardust Lounge is a legendary den of iniquity and definitely not for the uninitiated. You have been warned!

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