The VIP Room

Vegas Festive Special at The Renfrew Ferry on 28.12.02

A fantastic festive special at The Renfrew Ferry featuring the wonderful Jive Aces live on stage and festive frolics aplenty.

Vegas dancefloor action

Aces High

All aboard



the gentleman and the showgirl

Aces Low

At home with the Gambinos

the gentleman and the showgirl pt.2

the gang are all here

festive footwear

glamorous gals

swingin' cats

stylish and elegant

cool couple

Aces backstage

cool couple pt.2

swingin' tonight

cool couple pt.3

funky fedora


top deck dancing


Carlo, Frankie and Dino


Venus, Carlo and Dino


Frankie, Venus and the ubiquitous, camera shy Dino


Jivin' with the Aces


cool kittens


old school mafiosa


40's style


and the winner is..


the swingin' JB's


the Vegas Showgirls



The Jive Aces on stage


backstage with the gals
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