The VIP Room

Vegas at The Ocean Terminal, Leith on Saturday 22.03.03

A veritable multitude of photos from the Ocean Terminal event. What a fantastic night at Leith's most glamorous nightclub/casino/shopping centre complex.

Annie Copacabana

Jack the Hat and big sis


Come Fly with Captain Hefner

hair-rasing experience

Da Jackal and friend

Rick and Nikki

swingin' senoritas

I wanna be Mexicano

girls on stage

view from the dancefloor

the lights go out at Vegas

glamorous gal

leather waistcoats are back in style at Vegas

Dino and flight attendant

retro chic

Lola, Rock and Lola's mum

Mrs Seagull



Mexican takeaway

on stage antics

ready for departure

the Vegas showgirls

Frankie and da gals

Hef's co-pilot at the controls

Kylos and amigos

he's got the look


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