The VIP Room

Vegas at Ego, Edinburgh on Saturday 05.04.03

Vegas was back on the East Coast for another night of fun and frolics at Ego. The usual Vegas suspects were in the house and when the the feds tried to bust the joint they found out they'd bitten off more than they could chew. There were just too many disreputable characters in situ and the heavily outnumbered law enforcement troops had to beat a hasty and most undignified retreat. Frankie, Bugsy, Dino, Sam, Kylos, Sven, Carlo, Swinging JB, Don Marco et al lived to lounge another day while the enigmatic Chairman presided over the summit meeting of swing in his sinister signature style of relaxed omniscience, casual charm and malevolant mischief.

Bugsy and Dino

Carlo, Sven, Kylos, JB & Don Marco

Carlo and The Cat

"the merchandise"

and the winner is..

Nikki Nevada


Carlo and Frankie in custody

Swingin' JB conducting business

Bugsy and glamorous friend

seconds out

Sven and the Chairman


Carlo in customary custodial care

Kylos doing "The Resurrection Shuffle"

best dressed lady

Mister Martini


The Jackal looking business-likel

Sven and the big guy

Don Marco & Swingin' JB

onstage with Bugsy and the gals

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