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Vegas: the swinging sixth birthday party at The Ocean Terminal 08.11.03

Wow! What a fantastic night at the Ocean Terminal as Vegas celebrated 6 years of swingin' soirees in style. Thanks to The Big Heat, The Johnny 7, Lorelei Lee as Marilyn Monroe, all the Vegas and Ocean Terminal staff and, most importantly, you all you glamorous, glitzy, stylish, sexy Vegas party people for helping to make it such an unforgettable night.

moustaches all round


Miss Copacabana and splendidly moustachioed companion

moustaches seem to be a recurring theme

Carol and friends

bejewelled and beauteous

glitz and glamour are always in fashion at Vegas

Marilyn in da house

dancefloor action

Nikki, Venus and amigos

The Big Heat break the ice

The Big Heat: Hotter than an Acapulco afternoon

stylish cats

high rollers

fun and frolics Vegas style

the delightful Nikki Nevada

another typically understated Vegas fashion statement

swinging to the Big Heat

The G fellas

Smilin' Sam Jose

international playboy

A mean, moody and, dare I say it, designer stubbled Jackal accompanied by Natalia

Vegas style

wise guy

cool kitty

well dressed man

Bugsy and our best dressed winner

Nikki, Annie and Venus

Professor Wagstaff strutting his stuff

battle of the m.c.'s

Marilyn meets her match

M.C. Otis

bowler hats are back in style

Big G tending bar

Kylos engaging in some judicious cocktail quality control

glamorous gals

Jack the Hat and big sister

Happy Birthday to Vegas

Dino and Marilyn

Big G shakin' his thang

debonair gent

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