The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Saturday the 28st February 2004

The Ferry was swinging once more to the mellifluous sounds of Vegas and once again all the hippest, sharpest dressed cats and kittens in town converged on the club. A fabulous time was had by all and the joint was jumpin', rockin', swayin', floatin' and groovin' all the way.

Best dressed capers

Rick "Honest" Hudson pulls a scam on Bugsy Seagull

cool cats

lovely ladies

swingin' the night away

the usual Vegas suspects

Rick and glamorous friend

our limbo champion

on stage antics

Natalia and Frankie

gangster style

50's couple

Tiger Martini

Rick pulling another scam

Natalia and Judy

chic couple

high rollers

classy lassie


our best dressed winner

champagne celebration


Nikki Nevada and Mr. Hudson

Judy & Nikki

elegant lady

put that in your pipe and smoke it

the cat in the red suit

Glaswegian cocktail

lookin' good

stylish swingers

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