The VIP Room

Vegas at The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow on Saturday the 24th July 2004

Vegas returned to the West Coast for another night of nautical fun and frolics on the Clyde's most salubrious floating vessel, The Renfrew Ferry. It turned out to be the Sam Jose and Miss San Tropez Show as the historic Jose-Tropez Alliance was forged in a great leap forward for lounge culture, sartorial elegance and cuddly toys.

Rick Hudson and amigos

McEnroe meets Hudson

Superheroes and swingers side by side at Vegas

Sam on the decks

Delighted delegates at the Jose-Tropez Alliance and Cuddly Toy Extravaganza

Our leopard-print preacher moving in mysterious ways amongst his congregation

Limbo: how low can you go?

Limbo champ

Jose Cuervo?

The Jose-Tropez negotiations start amicably anough

Seagull and Jose

Jose-Tropez: the deal is sealed

Bugsy, Sam & the mirror part 2. Get hip to the trip Narcissus ~ we got some new guys in town!

The Jose-Tropez Alliance gets the thumbs up from the cuddly toy fraternity

Jose & Tropez exchange make-up tips

Sealed with a kiss

Everyone must look their best under new Jose-Tropez sartorial directives

Jeni, Venus and Nikki

"Hey Buddy, is this the joint for the Jose-Tropez shindig?"

Preaching to the converted

The Hudsons

Swingin' JB

Laura and friend

shirts and shades Acapulco-style

Vegas: the natural choice for the off-duty pilot

Show us your maracas minister!

Look...a photographer! Must get a photo of this!

Mr. Elegance

Miss Nevada

On-stage action

The Clyde at night is a romantic sight. Hot pies and pakora anyone?

Jeni di Janeiro finally manages to move those crazy Vegas guys away from the mirror

cocktails and convivial conversation

Is the domain still available? This could be a moneyspinner!

Jose intervenes to prevent further unpleasantness

Groovin' onstage

the air force boys like what they see

Best-dressed competition in full flow

McEnroe scoops the champagne

Bugsy & Jeni

showgirl silhouette

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