The VIP Room

The Church of Vegas at Ocean Terminal, on Saturday the 28th of August 2004

Saints and sinners from all over the land came to the annual festival finale of biblical proportions in search of salvation. The good word was spread by the righteous Peristalsis Bretheren and also by special guest clergymen, The Fat Cats. They got the joint jumpin', rockin' and swayin' in a way that guaranteed a religous experience for even the most heathen of non-believers! There were Nuns with bad habits, Bishops playing blackjack, preachers prancin' and dancin' to the devils music with 'ladies of the night'. But all souls were saved before the break of day, thanks to the purifyin' music from the Gospel of Vegas, preached by the high priests of cool - Frankie Sumatra, Bugsy Seagull, Sam Jose & Dino Martini.

Nikki Nevada

Best Dressed competitors on stage

The Best Dressed winners & their prize

Stylish handbag

Stylish couple smoochin'

More great outfits!

'Tash the Lash, lookin cool...

A couple of glamorous gals

On-stage antics

Bugsy says it all!

Marilyn Monroe at Vegas!

Venus Las Vegas

... and he sewed every sequin on himself.

Four glamorous gals, ready to party!

Beauty and the beast?

Three regular swingin' sinners...

Holy Rollers? or High Rollers?

Three more country gals, dressed to thrill!

Superman, having a night off from saving the planet

Sinners are grinners!

Napoleon and Josephine?

Slinky, stylish sinner

This Nun's got a dirty habit...

They prey for a night of sin!

Elegant, cool and supremely stylish couple

Karen & Willie, swingin' the night away!

The smiles tell the story!

Anchors aweigh, sailor boy!

Mean, moody, magnificent!

Thinking about a de-frocking?


Vegas TV anchorman & one of his weather girls

Seein' double? You're in trouble!

Havin' a heavenly night!

That smile's straight out of the Kays Catalogue, sir!

Scandanavian Bush Baptist with Memphis Holy Man

Glittering, glamorous gals

The Showgirls are havin' a good time

The most glamorous line-up at Vegas!, ever!

Nikki Nevada and Venus Las Vegas spell T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

Lady Liberty with her happy cowboy

Fabulous outfit!

Swingin' JB, The G'ster & Kylos The Jackal

Cowboy with a gal on each arm - it's a sin!

Venus & Nikki discussing their favourite hims

The fabulous Fat Cats in action

Moustache you a question...

Bugsy - caught on camera accepting a bribe?

It's true! Ladies love men in uniform!

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