In The Stardust Lounge Casino, all the high rollers can be found winning millions of Elvis dollars on the tables and the suckers can be found blowing their mortgage and alimony payments on the wheel of fortune. The Elvis dollar is the official currency of Vegas and cannot be spent elsewhere and we are wise to those schmucks who might be thinking about printing out thousands of these counterfeit Elvis dollars and coming on down to Vegas to break the bank. Our tellers and croupiers have been well warned and Bugsy & his mob will take swift and devastating action against any wise guys. But if you want to take on the mob head on where better to try your luck than Vegas. Hey, life’s a gamble,man.

Why not test your skills at Blackjack?

Instructions: Place your bet and press Deal, then ask for a Card, or Stand. The dealer will deal to himself when you stick. Whoever is closest to 21 wins the pot

Or amass a fortune at the Vegas Poker Tables?

Instructions: Select your game, and your desired stakes. Then place your bet...You must achieve one of the targets in the top half of the page to win, click any cards you wish to keep and then press deal. You can change your cards once. Keep playing and your total winnings (or losses) are held in the bank.

Or gamble for real at an online casino if you're feeling lucky....

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