Carlos Campari

Carlos Campari and the callous chicken juggling cartel of Cordoba Without doubt the ringleader of the most ruthless and feared of the chicken juggling cartels of South America. Campari's background was all too depressingly predictable. After a relatively innoccous childhood fixation with worm charming, Carlos graduated quickly in adolescence to the shameful practice of hen teasing before his actvities escalated in adulthood to fully fledged chicken juggling. The black art of chicken juggling has plagued law enforcement agencies in the developed world for many years. Campari and his colleagues will always find a way of supplying the demand. How do you convince a kid in the mean streets of Harlem, Hoboken, or Moss Side to go to plumbing college so someday he can earn 10 dollars an hour when for the last two years he's been able to pull in 1,000 dollars a day selling chicken juggling videos to school friends? The unhelpful attitude of several South American governments contributes to the problem. There is no doubt that the proceeds of chicken juggling are providing the backbone for many a beleagured Latin-American economy. Government approved chicken ranches in these countries are little more than state sanctioned breeding grounds for the foul fowl jugglers but even the most cynical analysts of the insidious influence of the cartels on the political scene in this part of the world were shocked when the Columbian government appointed Pablo Milkibar of the Cali cartel Minister of Poultry last year.

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